Introduction to Fight Laziness

Life is full of decisions. A decision to do nothing is as much a decision as to climb a mountain. Too often in the past I have decided on the path of nothingness, the path to laziness.

It is comforting and warm in it’s embrace but laziness is slowly stealing our time away. Our time is our precious commodity. You don’t know how much you have and you can’t buy more of it. How you spend it defines you.

When laziness strikes most is when we haven’t a plan. I would wake up when work would define me too. When work wasn’t there on weekends and holidays I wouldn’t arise until the afternoon. The laziness came about because I had nothing planned.

Who wants to plan anything on the weekend and evenings anyway? It’s my chill time. Working is when I used to switch on, I would work hard and be productive. When I arrived home it was time to switch off. I was a worker bee. The only productivity of my day was for someone else. It was time to fight laziness and be productive for myself and only switch off when I had done so.

You can fight laziness too. This blog aims to follow up on my book ‘The Laziness Gene’ with some random thoughts and questions on the topic along with some strategies and ideas.

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