5 reasons to get up at 5:00am


  1. Give the best part of the day to yourself

You are productive in the morning, instead of giving your first few hours of productivity to your employer give it to yourself. Use the time to work on your projects, goals and hobbies. Make sure to plan what you will do, otherwise you may get up to hang out and scroll through your phone. Having the extra 2 two or three hours in the morning instead of at night is the key to a more productive you. In the morning you have the energy and because you got up so damn early you are motivated. Go out there and kick some ass in the morning, get into your exercise goal, your writing hobby or your business start-up plan. This is the stuff you are too tired to do at night so do it in the morning.

2. You will sleep better

You know your sleep pattern loves routine, so if you have a standard wake up time it will facilitate a standard bedtime. With getting up at 5:00am you must go to bed earlier, you will see that you are tired between 9:00pm and 10:00pm, go to bed then. The hours post 9:00pm are consistently wasted hours, your tiredness and laziness kicks and screens and nothingness is indulged, they don’t serve you. You are not a child anymore, you are in control of your bedtime routine. Decide to get up early, decide to go to bed early, it is your choice. You will be exhausted at night, perfect for a solid 8 hours sleep.

3. You are not a worker bee

If you don’t decide what time you get up then you are just a worker bee, getting up when work dictates you too. Assess your life in this way. Who controls what you do and when you do it? What time you get up is just one the hugely important decisions of your day. These decisions define you, check out my upcoming post on the most important decisions of your day (hint, hint, this is one). So, what’s it going to be? A life of rolling out of bed just to immediately rush to the office or the life of jumping out of bed and working on yourself for 2 hours? Future you will thank you for getting up at 5am.

4. Quiet Time

I’ve heard yogis talking about the earth vibrations at before sunrise. I am not entirely sure I buy that, but I am buying the fact that the early morning is the most peaceful time you will find. Its just you and the world, a fantastic time to practice gratitude or meditation. Also a great time to exercise, you can imagine an alternate universe where there is a lazy you lying in bed at 5:00am. Maybe you are jealous of that alternate you asleep all cuddled up. Don’t be, she is constantly tired all day, not happy with her body, she is always on diets and endlessly scrolling through Instagram at 1:00am. Enjoy the sunrise it is special to see, enjoy the peace it is wonderful to bask in and enjoy the decision you made not to be lazy.

5. Breakfast

Forget the science and the studies on breakfast being the most important meal of the day. It is the most delicious meal of the day. You have the best sauce of all – hunger. Give yourself time to have your trendy poached eggs with avocado, your hippy acai bowl, your bacon and eggs or your oats. The joy of eating a proper breakfast with a hot cup of Joe is awesome. In the summer open the windows while you drink your orange juice and in the winter look out at the snow while you warm your hands around a mug. Take your time to enjoy this half an hour. Without getting up early this is a fantasy, grabbing the toast while running out the door is no way to treat the magnificent meal of breakfast.

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