5 signs you are lazy

1. You avoid failure

Your life is about comfort. Failure is uncomfortable.  It is almost impossible to grow the mind and body without experiencing failure. Failure is the best teacher, that is not just some statement for children to be ok with not passing algebra. It is key to achieving anything.

If you never tried and failed to stand while you were a child, you would have crawled forever. It is the path to success. How many goals and aspirations have you forgotten in the light of initial failure? I have many, I regret my lack of persistence when failure hit, this was my laziness, my crawl back to comfort.

How much better could your life be if you were comfortable in the uncomfortable position of failure?

2. You avoid exercise

Regular exercise defines a person who has some goals going on. They have planned this part of their life. You cannot exercise regularly and not have a plan; you can’t just wing it over a long period of time.

The avoidance of exercise is again the avoidance of discomfort. It shows a drift into laziness. Although someone knows that exercise is good for them (who doesn’t?) they still avoid it, creating excuses for their comfort.

There is no way to justify not exercising to yourself as a rational thinker. The excuses will kill you; the lack of exercise is telling your body that it is not required. Your body will respond by wasting away, you will be frail before your time.

Luckily for us the human body is amazing and adapts to exercise so readily, it is never too late to start. Start now, don’t let your laziness kill you.

Why not – define your own fitness today

3. You can’t sleep

Going to bed late is probably a symptom of getting up late, a cycle that is perpetuated by perhaps long evenings of nothingness. The lack of sleep suggests a restless mind, a mind that hasn’t been challenged today. Have you read today? Have you learned today? Have you been creative today? Your restless mind goes hand in hand with a body that has energy, why does it have energy still? Maybe it is because you didn’t use up the fuel you gave it today.

Lack of exercise can lead to lack of sleep. Your body has energy just waiting to be used but the evening was spent horizontal on the couch. Your sleeplessness can be sign of laziness, remove the lazy barriers to sleep by using your body and mind each day. Get up early tomorrow and start a new routine of using your gift of body and mind.

Why Not – get up at 5am

4 Unconcious Phone Scrolls

The scroll is aimless, what has Instagram, Facebook and Twitter selected for me to look at since I last checked ten minutes ago? Multiple refreshes with multiple hours wasted. It may be addiction or it may be laziness, the easy option. You are not faced with entertaining yourself. Your phone will do it.

You haven’t noticed what you have become. You have become lazy. Let’s face it and you know it. Time to put the laptop, remote control and phone down and take part in the real world.

5. You are bored

Ugh, there is nothing on, there is nothing to eat, there is nothing to do. If this happens to you, you are bored. If you are bored it could be because you are lazy. No one likes to hear they are lazy but sometimes it must be said.

If you are bored maybe your life lacks challenge, you are not working on something, you have no hobbies, you aren’t taking steps towards your goal and you aren’t failing. Time to reassess how you spend your down time, your laziness gene has kicked in. Have you set yourself targets this month? Or are you just kind of hoping that your life will be awesome at some stage in the future. The future is now, cliché of course but the truth lies within. Now is the time to enjoy, now is the time you exist, now is the time to achieve, avoid the lazy boredom and write out what you want to achieve and take your first steps now.

Why Not – live without regret

Take steps out of laziness today

Humans are extraordinary and you can achieve so much if you put your mind to it. I have made a short documentary on when I tried to achieve as much as I could in a day. Check it out, maybe it will inspire you.

More on Laziness and Procrastination

Read about the traps of unconscious living and procrastination by reading ‘The Laziness Gene’ book.

The Cure for Laziness – Why Not Series

Finding the balance between the comfortable and the uncomfortable in life. Tweaking your traits to develop a better you.

Why Not 1 – Why not get up at 5am

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  1. We often used the old phrase around our house, or at least we used to back before our kids left for university, and that is, “If you’re bored, then you are boring”. We enjoyed dinner last night, hard to believe you didn’t talk about your book!!! Next time fo sho.

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