Are You Dependable?

What makes a person dependable? From arriving on the scene when you run out of gas, to being a shoulder to cry on when the need is most. Is that the limits of dependability? Saying ‘yes I’ll be there in a minute’ when there are clear cries for help? Maybe it is someone who says nice things about you when you are not around, defending your honour?

We all like to think we are dependable, but have you ever shared a secret after swearing to never tell? The temptation to blurt out the juiciness might just be too much for you sometimes, oh it’s too good not to say. A realist would say it is too much work and takes too much effort to be dependable all the time as people take advantage of the dependable. By being reliable and saying yes to every request you have less time for you. I have set my level of dependability at a solid 76%, just turn the dial it’s easy. At this percentage I am trying to be as honest, helpful and comforting as I can without a large amount of self-sacrifice. It is difficult to go beyond this level, that is where you start putting others first, possibly the next level of dependability. Does ultimate dependability come at the cost of all your own goals and ambition?

Most people’s own dependability probably won’t change that much, and people may have formed their opinions of you already. Is it better to be dependable or dependent? It is seeming as though it would be easier to be on the other end of dependability, like a needy child always receiving what they want otherwise a tantrum would follow. It doesn’t seem like a very rewarding life when it is free from struggle. Maybe the answer it to be dependable not dependent to a degree that makes you happy. Easy said, now to find your 76%.

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