What happens before life

Is it darkness and nothingness or much more?

Hello darkness my old friend, we meet again. Tell me about where you were before you were born. If we are reincarnations does it really matter as we have not conscious recollection of previous lives? If we were in a void of nothingness does it really matter as we didn’t seem to notice it and once again have no recollection. Whatever we were or wherever we were we were not who we are today. Boom sentence of the year right there, so many we weres.

We were not us even 10 years ago, a totally different person biologically (literally, bar some enamel I think) and psychologically. Can we even remember what we thought so long ago? I can’t remember a lot of what happen back then, sometimes a picture or some writing can jog my memory but who I am now is only really affected by a window of 2/3 years plus and minus todays date.

We never worry about where we were before our birth as it is not in this window but because we can die tomorrow, we worry about where we could be going. If we had no recollection of the last 2 years we would sure as shit be worried about what was going on. If only babies could talk. They could answer the before life question, surely.

‘Excuse me madam would you mind awfully if we could sit down and do a podcast with little Jack?’

‘eh ok’

‘So, Jack, are the headphones ok? Can you hear me fine? Let’s get started. Jack you have just come out of the womb can you tell me about your experience and maybe answer the question we have all been eager to answer, what happens your consciousness before life?’

Jack sighs and takes a puff from his cigarette and a large gulp of tar like coffee.

‘Existentialism determines individual existence…..’ he pauses, collecting his thoughts, what comes next will surely answer the question and enlighten the human race. The podcaster knows that this could be it, the break that could catapult his career. He will be the one who interviewed the baby who told us the secrets to existence, the meaning of life and what happens before life. He can see it now, the adulation and the awards, a successful independent podcast, the peak of hipster productivity.

‘go on’ he coaxes Jack to answer.

‘when God created the earth on the third day about 6000 years ago and saw it was good….’ Jack continued.

‘Oh hold on, wait, what?’ the podcasters heart sank, another creationist, that won’t cut it with the hipster elite. This baby is not ‘woke’ enough for this podcast and he doesn’t like what the talking baby is saying.  The baby has to be wrong. Time to shut this down.

‘I am sorry magic talking baby Jack, that’s all we have time for’  

There it is religion was right all along, you heard it here first. You can’t argue with talking babies, or burning bushes, its facts.  Now we just need someone to do a podcast with a ghost to get the full lowdown on the afterlife. Simple.

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