The Fit 50 – No.1 1000 Burpees

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

Why would you want to do that? How resilient are you? You will want to quit during this one. It’s got that mind-numbing monotony to it. Enter a world of apathy around rep number 400. A lot done but more to do. Can you overcome the urge to quit?

It in a way is a bit like a marathon, if the dude in ancient Greece had done a thousand burpees to deliver the news instead of a 26 mile run we would all be putting a thousand burpees on the fitness bucket list. That wouldn’t make any sense, but it felt like an Olympic effort when I did it.  

A few ways to approach it including some challenges, can you keep up 10 a minute pace, EMOM it with a 10-12 burpees on the minute. Maintaining such a pace will get you to your goal in around an hour and a half. That would be very impressive. The standard I used was the CrossFit chest to floor standard. I managed to complete it which was my target.

Other burpee related challenges include how fast can you do 100? Can you do dumbbell burpees, 100 of those for time with a 30lb weight in each hand is a killer. Any challenge with burpees can become very mentally tough, set your challenge and give it a shot.

My Experience – My time was an unimpressive 3 hours 16 minutes of hell, I didn’t train for it, which was a mistake. Having not completed many burpees in training meant my technique was slightly off, meaning I had some imbalance and discomfort throughout. I really wanted to give up after around 350, it seemed like the metaphorical finish line was too far away. It was a very tough and sweaty slog, but it was completed. I had some pains and cramps towards the end, especially in my hip flexors and shoulders.

Fun Fact – depending on your time, your weight and your fitness levels this challenge could burn between 800 and 3000 calories.

Elite Challenge – 1000 in under 1 Hour

Alternate Test – 100 burpees consecutively without stopping

Fit Fifty Challenge – Completing 1000 burpees

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