The Fit 50 – No.6 1000 Pushups

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.6 1000 Pushups

Another 1000 rep challenge. Press up (Pushups) – A simple exercise, we can all do one or a modified one, so why not do 1000? Can this challenge be done without too much training? Probably but it would be tough. 1000 reps of anything is always a mental challenge as much as a physical one.  

There are many other pushup challenges, from completing the crazy pushups like a superman pushup where all limbs leave the floor to clapping multiple times during the explosive part of the press up. Some other challenges could be 100 days of 100 pushups and the 3-minute max pushup test.

Try and be consistent in your pushups, a shoulder width hand placement, full body movement to a 90 flex in the elbow at the bottom. The top should be brief lock out.

If you have an hour or two and struggling for something interesting to do maybe give a 1000 a whirl.

My Experience – I have completed this on two occasions. The first time I broke it up into small sets of 4/5 and it was tough, but the small sets helped. I completed it in just over an hour. My wrists were sore so remember to warm them up correctly. The second time I did it I was aiming to complete it in 30 minutes – major fail. That’s a rate of around 34 a minute. I got to rep 512 and it the pace was too much, so I took a long break and managed to finish in just under the hour, total burn out.

Fun Fact – Bijender Singh from India managed to do 3877 pushups in a hour. If you can do 77 reps in two minutes you would score a perfect 100 in the US army entrance test.

Elite Challenge – 1000 in under 1 Hour

Alternate Test – Consecutive push up test – a score of over 40 without stopping is well above average

Fit Fifty Challenge – Completing 1000 in any time scale

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