The Fit 50 – No.7 Freestanding Handstand

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.3 Freestanding Handstand

Gymnastics should be something everyone tries at some stage in their life. I did some gymnastics in college but was never dedicated. I have some of the basic skills to this day but one I have lost is the handstand.

It is a feat of athleticism that takes practice, not something you can just knock out if you have an hour to spare. This makes it special. It is a special feeling holding yourself in control upside down. If you master this then try new challenges such as the handstand walk, single arm handstand and handstand pushups.

Could you be someone who could do a gymnastics routine, stringing several movements together to create a sequence to music? It can be powerful and beautiful a truly aesthetic athletic achievement. I’ve done this as an individual and as a group and found it quite rewarding. Why not you?

Could you be someone who can hold a freestanding handstand? Why not? The action is relatively simple, put your hands on the ground about shoulder width, straight arms (maybe with a micro bend in the elbow) and kick up your legs. If you can do a pushup you probably have the strength to hold a handstand.

Full body control is something everyone should have but it escapes most of us. Training for body control takes patience, determination and concentration. Difficult to master but it is far more important to overall fitness and functionality than any weight training exercise.

My Experience – I struggle to hold a freestanding handstand. I need to practice it more often. I can teach the basic points and get into handstand position supported, but I cannot show control getting in and out of the handstand.

Fun Fact – Increased blood flow to the brain can reduce stress and anxiety. The longest handstand performed on a skateboard was 687 metres by Sam Tartamella in 1996. Why not on skateboard. Why not.

Elite Challenge – 20 metre handstand walk

Alternate Test – Handstand pushups against a wall

Fit Fifty Challenge – Hold a freestanding handstand for ten seconds

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