The Fit 50 – No.8 Shoot 3 Constitutive Basketball 3 Pointers

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.8 Shoot 3 Constitutive Basketball 3 Pointers

Shooting a basketball may not be everyone’s idea of fitness. Having strength, cardio-vascular endurance and flexibility are wonderful but the application of these in conjunction with coordination is another aspect to all round fitness.

Hand eye coordination is an important part of everyday life, honing that skill along with depth perception will have beneficial effects for your brain body connection. Control of your limbs may seem like something that we automatically have but watch any baby learn to walk or throw and you can see it is learned and practiced. Research proper technique if you are not sure how, start with keeping your shooting elbow in and use your non shooting hand as a guide hand.

You may have the ability to throw but have you practiced throwing? Other skills like this one you could try could be pitching in baseball, throwing darts, bowling, archery and playing volleyball. Could you hit 180 throwing 3 darts?

Sports is part of fitness and hand eye coordination (along with general body coordination) is key to that. Try practicing this challenge as with most things on this list it won’t just happen, you may need to adjust your skill set to achieve it. Having more strings to your bow is always a good thing.

My Experience – be prepared to be frustrated and chase a lot of basketballs. As a PE teacher I had a lot of time in gyms between classes and after school spent shooting a basketball, still it wasn’t easy to achieve this with no pressure and no time limit. All I can say is practice makes perfect.

Fun Fact – If you want to see some perfect form look no further than Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors and did you know the NBA didn’t adopt the 3-pointer until 1979.

Elite Challenge – complete the 3-point challenge – 5 baskets in a row from the 5 different shooting points around the arc.

Alternate Test – shoot 180 with 3 darts

Fit Fifty Challenge – shoot three 3-pointers in a row

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