The Fit 50 – No.13 Play a round of golf

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.13 Play a round of golf

A fitness challenge? Playing a round of golf? You’re kidding right? Nope!

You can burn up to 1000 calories when playing a round of golf while walking up to 4 miles with up to 10,000 steps. That’s a workout right there. Along with the swinging of the club, grip strength and mental patience.

Being good at golf is a whole new level of skill, it takes so many hours and hour of practice to get to a level where you are playing a round in par. It must be one of the few sports in the world where parity or normal standard is set at such a high standard.

The major problem with golfing is the cost. A crazy amount of money in some countries. Fortunately, where I am from (Ireland) it is still reasonably priced.

Golf courses are usually quite beautiful places if you can play one. What’s not to like about a long walk at a beautiful location away from the city? Trees and fresh air surrounding you.

Looking at professional golfers, the majority are athletes, perhaps proving that the sport is indeed more than just a pastime it is an athletic endeavor.

My Experience – I do enjoy the occasional round of golf, shooting somewhere around a century of shots. This is usually about 25 – 30 over par. Terrible but I enjoy it.  

Fun Fact – there is such a thing as speed golf. Where the time to cover the course is as important as the score. Both are considered when calculating the total. A round of speed golf will typically take 40 – 70 minutes with competitors carrying around 6 clubs.

Elite Challenge – Shooting a score of under 85

Alternate Test – Try speed golf, try and complete the round in under 90 minutes and under 100 shots.

Fit Fifty Challenge – complete a round of golf, don’t knock it until you try it.

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