The Fit 50 – No.15 Cycle 100km

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.15 Cycle 100km

The world will open to you when you cycle this distance, you will be cycling a distance you would normally cover in some sort of motorized transport, you know, like a car. The time to breath in the air and see the sights you normally fly by is almost meditative.

Make sure to have padded shorts, if you haven’t cycled much before you could be on the nasty end of a sore ass. Totally worth it.

A key to cycling is equipment, make sure it is up to standard before attempting this one. The difference a good bike with something as simple as properly inflated tires can make is huge.

You start to appreciate distances a lot more, 100km is a long way but your body can bring you that far, isn’t that amazing. The beauty of cycling is when I go abroad, and I can take the cycling tours or rent a bike a see the parts of a country that normally you wouldn’t see.

You also start to appreciate road surfaces a lot more, damn potholes. The physical part of this can be as tough as you want it to be, can you do it in under 4 hours could be a place to take your challenge to the next level. A focused training schedule may be required to get you to the fitness level required to complete this distance but for most reasonably fit people this can be achieved with little or no training and decent nutrition and a few breaks for your ass.

If you don’t cycle at all you really should try it, it is one of those activities that you can do forever. When your knees are causing you trouble, or your ankles are giving out cycling will be there for you.

My Experience – I have done a couple of 100km cycles in my life and thoroughly enjoyed both. The first time I could barely walk after it, but I had satisfaction in the accomplishment. I am not a regular cyclist in fact I don’t own a bike. I feel there is more cycling in my future as age catches up with me.

Fun Fact – More and more people are trying to cycle around the world, the routes can vary but it will be about 18,000 miles (29000kms), it can take anything from 79 days (world record) to a lifetime. It intrigues me, maybe someday.

Elite Challenge – Cross a country cycling or try a stage from the Tour de France.

Alternate Test – Cycle around the world (Lol)

Fit Fifty Challenge – Cycling 100km

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