The Fit 50 – No.20 Box Jump a Vertical Kilometer

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.20 Box Jump a Vertical Kilometer

The underrated yet extremely useful exercise for power. Useful exercise for sports that require quick and explosive movements. Whether you go for a number of box jumps in a time, highest box jump or combine it with another exercise (maybe burpees) it will test you.

I follow Jamie Alderton on Instagram and he just completed an attempt to simulate box jumping Mount Everest. That is 14550 box jumps in a day. An interesting but extremely mentally and physically challenging task. I can only imagine how he felt after it.

The fit fifty challenge is inspired by this attempt, can you box jump a vertical kilometer? 1000 meters up, that would be about 1500 box jumps depending on box height again.

A hugely beneficial exercise for upper and lower body. You will be using your arms to propel, core to stabilize and legs for power. What’s not to love?

Maybe just throwing them into another workout is enough for you, they are often used in circuit training and CrossFit conditioning work. The explosiveness required is perfect for most sports.

My Experience – I have used box jumps quite often as part of workouts, but I have yet to try the vertical kilometer. It is on my to-do list. Unfortunately, two years ago I broke my foot with an awkward landing from a high box jump. I got distracted and misplaced my right foot. Sore but sometimes these things happen. I will be back on a box soon to try this attempt.

Fun Fact – the record for a standing box jump is 58.1 inches (147.6cm) by Darren Jackson from Australia, with higher records for a running jump. That’s from a standing start jumping and landing on top of Lady Gagas head.

Elite Challenge – If you can match Jamie Alderton’s world record that would be truly elite.

Alternate Test – Max height box jump

Fit Fifty Challenge – Box jump a vertical kilometer

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