The Fit 50 – No.22 Complete the NFL Combine Tests

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.22 Complete the NFL Combine Tests

You always wanted to play linebacker for the Steelers, right? Or running back for the Packers? Time to get down to the NFL Combine then. See can you cut the mustard.

You almost certainly can’t. These guys are phenomenal athletes and the best of the best get to go to the NFL Combine. You will have to make do with your own pro day in your gym or field. The headline making tests are the 40yard dash, the vertical jump, broad (horizontal) jump, the 3-cone drill, 20-yard shuttle run and the 225lb (100kg) bench press test.

There are more tests that these including some position specific tests. Playing in the NFL is all about speed, agility and power. That is what these tests measure.

My Experience – As a non-NFL athlete of very average speed and power I wouldn’t be getting drafted by the Patriots any day soon. The problem is I am too slow, not agile enough and I am too weak. My speed test is just over 5 seconds, I completed one rep in the bench press, and I got a pulled hamstring in the vertical jump test. Looks like I will have to play up in Canada.

Fun Fact – Here are the current records in all events mentioned

Fastest 40yard time – John Ross, 2017: 4.22 seconds

Fastest cone drill – Jordan Thomas, 2018: 6.28 seconds

Fastest 20yard shuttle – Kevin Kasper, 2001: 3.73 seconds

Highest vertical jump – Gerald Sensabaugh, 2005: 46 inches (116.84cm)

Furthest broad jump – Byron Jones, 2015: 12 feet and 3 inches (373.3cm)

225 Bench press – Justin Ernest, 1999: 51 reps

Elite Challenge – Under 5 seconds 40-yard dash and 5 bench press repetitions

Alternate Test – Try the Australian Rules Combine, which is focused a lot more on cardio-vascular endurance than strength and power.

Fit Fifty Challenge – Complete each test


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