The Fit 50 – No.23 Juggle

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.23 Juggle

Do you want to join the circus? If yes, then juggling is for you.

I have always wanted to join the circus, hang out with the clowns and shoot the breeze with the acrobats. OK this has never been a dream of mine, the animal cruelty being one of the many reasons to stay away from circuses or is it circusi? Plurals always get me.

That was a sidetrack from juggling which is a tool that was used by my college professor to discuss what it felt like to learn a new skill. The frustration at not being instantly good enough and the importance of hand eye coordination.

I learned that juggling is not at easy at it looks – shock I know. Juggling also requires a lot of practice to be proficient at it. After a week or two I was juggling chainsaws, fire and Komodo dragons. Standard.

Juggling three items is simple in explanation, always keep two items in the air, throw and catching the extra one. Easy.

My Experience – I can juggle three items. It was my brother who bought me juggling balls as a kid and I got the hang of it then. Persistence rather than talent was my key. Start out with two in my left hand and throw one of them, followed by the one in the right then the one in the left. The first one will have landed in the right hand by then and it will get thrown to the left and continue forever and ever.

Fun Fact – it may not come as a surprise to many that there are quite a few juggling records. 11 balls, 3 chainsaws etc etc.

Elite Challenge – Juggle more than 3 items, this can take months to learn.

Alternate Test – Juggle random items

Fit Fifty Challenge – Juggle three balls

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