Bye Bye New Year Resolutions

It doesn’t need to be like that though, does it?

New years resolutions and new years posts on Instagram. Inspired to be different, to make the big changes – this time. New year new me.

The barrage of food and alcohol that proved irresistible to many is now reflected on with disgust. The shame. How to undo what has been done? The urge for restriction and cardio is strong. Got to start immediately.

My aspirations are through the roof. I will achieve a list of things this year, look here it is. I am going to be a totally new man come December 31st 2020. This is what I tell myself, without a plan to implement or the skills to execute. Let’s go.

The run around the block is met with a new low in fitness. Was it always this tough? I am feeling that turkey. This is difficult, this new regime of cardio and broccoli is going to be great though. I am going to lose the 20lbs, my body weight consumes me.

If you just started before Christmas, you would be in such good shape now. Waiting for this day to start has left me two steps behind before taking this step forward. Why do I live like this, following others rules for setting my goals? Goal number one – take charge of when I begin new tasks and goals.

The truth is a lot of these promises you make to yourself will fade when the new year is just this year. The high-flying aspiration forgotten when the daily grind returns. That marathon never completed. The other daily bs take over again. The epic you, forgotten again until next year.

It doesn’t need to be like that though, does it?

Why isn’t every month an opportunity for renewed goals and renewed energy? Why not every week or every damn day. Every day brings a new opportunity to start something or continue something. An arbitrary date of the first of January doesn’t have to be followed, carpe diem, seize the day, each day.

Carpe Diem.

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