Taking advantage of Coronavirus Isolation

Here it is another ‘expert’ telling us how to survive something unprecedented. I haven’t a clue about the medical side, but since you might have some time on your hands it might be time to take advantage.  

Set Goals

Hours left to chance will be unfocused. Make the decision about what you want and can achieve during this time. It could be considered an opportunity. Create some overall goals that would make you a better you. The future you could be awesome. It is your decision.

Set your targets the night before. These targets should mirror the person you want to be. If you want to be someone who reads – set a target to read ten pages tomorrow. Small measurable goals – write them down and tick them off when you achieve them.

Habit creation

The most addictive habit these days seems to be the need for updates on the virus. Instagram and twitter are constantly being reopened – checking to see what is going on. Perhaps vital to get this information but not vital to be caught in this loop.

The phone needs to be put aside for this period. It can destroy the person you could be. Enforce screen time rules on yourself. Contemplate your morning and evening routines that could work better for you. Schedule times to get to your goals and take charge of your life. No one else will do it for you.


Gym is closed. Good. I am on lock-down. Good. Jocko Willink will testify to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdTMDpizis8. These are tests for you. Learn how to overcome adversity. You can get in shape anywhere. Set yourself challenges. Test how many push ups you can do in a minute and set a goal to double that in two weeks. Why not?

If your location allows it, go for walks by yourself. Walk with no headphones just with your thoughts. This has proven to be a magnificent way to exercise your brain as well as your body. It will focus your mind. Try it. Why not?


During the time you give your brain to breath away from screens, unhealthy obsessions and distractions you may see a creative side to yourself. A poet, an artist, a chef or a musician may lie within once you give yourself time to think.

You are accountable to yourself. If you think you might like something or could do something why not do it? The world won’t present you with a better chance. The time of social distance and isolation may be the time you see who you really can be.

Contact people

Phones and devices may be sucking the time from your stores into a black-hole of laziness, but they can be used for a source of good. Contacting the people who mean the most to you. Get to grips with your own mortality. You may not die tomorrow but you will die someday. Wrestle charge of your life back.

Remind those you love that you love them. Why not? Set a goal to make a call a day. Social distancing could bring you closer to those who mean the most.

Ok enough of my preaching. Go seize the day. Why not?

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