Adjusting Values During Coronavirus

What is my life purpose? I need a purpose these days.

The need for purpose is clearer than ever in this time of Coronavirus. A fight to find things to do. Social media takes away some of the day, toilet roll memes and push-up challenges. Passing time becomes a chore. I wonder has anyone posted anything new. Time to check those feeds again.

A metaphorical and literal drive is absent from your day. I know what I should be doing but it is starting to feel pointless. Pointless suggests it wasn’t that purposeful in the first place.

Your time is as precious now as it was when you were studying for that exam or rushing to meet that work deadline. This may seem like patronizing rubbish but perhaps it is even more important. Perhaps its time to re-evaluate your time.

This new age we live in is not going to change anytime soon and when it does – everything will be a bit different. Will you be a bit different? The clamber to start new projects, online courses and exercises has begun. This will occupy the time, this will focus my mind, I will be useful.

This attempt to self-improve is to be commended. Why not challenge yourself? Is it temporary though? If the world opened tomorrow would you drop your project, cancel your course and go back to the old ways? What has changed in you should be the question, not what has changed in world?

Are your values constant or are they changeable? Your values are your own, they are not often evaluated, only you can prioritise and critique them. The important things in life have been brought into light. Netflix, screens and watching sports move down the ladder of importance. Social interaction and families move up to top spot. Is this a permanent shift? Will this new value ranking be for the betterment of society?

The reason for lock-down and distancing is to protect the vulnerable in society. Only now is the whole world thinking of the vulnerable. Some are only thinking of them from a statistical point of view. Ranking their own and their family’s vulnerability vs the virus, but they are still thinking of them.

Most of the world are attempting to protect the vulnerable. Applauding the health care workers from our balconies, watching touching Instagram stories and then returning to our couch seems to be the best way of doing this. We feel a bit useless. Most of us are spectators, watching the fight through our screens. The greatest fight of our generation, free to air and it is riveting, traumatic and at times – dull.

What can we do? It might be a good time to proactively focus on our values. Make it a better world for us, for the healthy and the vulnerable alike. The focus we now are putting on those who are important to us could remain forever. The shadow of the unimportant has been lifted and now we can see the light. Refocusing our lives and values could be the most important part of this, removing ‘taking for granted’ and replacing it with ‘being grateful’.

What do you value? Do you need to adjust your values and who you value?

Outdoor walks and conversations are priorities now. Scheduling calls and checking on loved ones. Connections rebuilding, values changing. A new world.

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