The Fit 50 – No.24 Learn to Dance

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.24 Learn to Dance

Nope, not my thing. Nope. What has that to do with fitness? Maybe you are thinking a bit narrowly when it comes to the scope of fitness. Fitness and mastering the physical must delve into the realm of aesthetic.

It is taught or supposed to be taught as part of the Physical education curriculum in most countries. Developing an appreciating for the aesthetic will allow you to realize just how difficult it is to master it. Also, it demonstrates how difficult it is to be in totally control of your body while simultaneously letting yourself go to the music.

Coordination, timing, fluidity, power, flexibility and athleticism are all on display during many dance routines. It is no coincidence that when you see Dancing with the Stars or similar on TV you see the ‘stars’ lose weight and the professionals display ripped physic. The ‘stars’ always will complain or draw attention to how hard it is. This is because it is, it is incredibly difficult to reach a professional level.

Judging and scoring can come into professional events but that is a bit like thinking about going professional in ten pin bowling before you have ever tried it.

My Experience – I took dance class in college, oh yes, I did. The thing I found when I was taking these classes is – I now understand being truly useless at something athletic. I realized I lacked rhythm, inventiveness, flexibility and aesthetic awareness. An eye opener. I completed and passed all dance semesters in college, but I think it was more out of sympathy than admiration that I passed the practical element.

Fun Fact – The famous rapper Tupac Shakur used to dance Ballet.

Elite Challenge – Hardest types of dance are maybe Ballet, Tango or Capoeira. Perhaps synchronized swimming is the most difficult of all.

Alternate Test – go to an ecstatic dance class, to help release any inhibitions

Fit Fifty Challenge – Learn to dance a full song in a particular style, so many YouTube videos out there to help you.

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