Finally the Why Not? book is published. See the link below for excerpts and more details.

Amazon – Link to have a look

This book will make the reader think – Why not do more with my life? Each question is matched with interesting nuggets of research and a follow up challenge to the reader. Perhaps this book is the antidote to laziness.

Designed as a book to pick up anytime inspiration is required. The read will focus the mind on what is important. Collins switches between comical stories and deep thinking self examination. The topics range from death to happiness, from dancing to horticulture and everything in between. 

A purposeful life could neglect the pleasurable one. A life built around habits could leave no room for spontaneity. Everyone is capable of balancing these and this book could help achieve that. Thriving, not surviving, is the goal.  Designed to challenge the mind and the soul, Collins’s third book is a display of positivity and passion which radiates throughout leaving the reader invigorated and inspired. Give it a read – Why Not?

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