The Fit 50 – No.29 Deadlift twice bodyweight for 3 repetitions

Deadlift, the grip and rip. The last event in a powerlifting (Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift) competition. This challenge is to lift double your own body weight three times in a row.

A lot of debates on the technique, including grip, stance and locking out. The goal must be to lift with good form.  Poor form like curving your back ends up putting your body through unique strains and with heavy weight is a recipe for disaster. Instead engage your lats, keep your chest up and back straight. This is only part of the technique, I recommend asking for professional assistance if you haven’t deadlifted before.

In training for this you could use the system of 5 sets of 5 reps, but there are many different programmes. It will take at least a few months to reach this standard if strength training isn’t your thing.

Being able to lift twice your body weight is impressive. That is one of you in each hand, an interesting visual. How about also trying a few other deadlift challenges? 10000kg in a session (I did this one with a light weight for me (50kg) and it was very taxing on the central nervous system), bodyweight x100 for time (with good form) and max repetitions with bodyweight without dropping the bar.

You can and probably will want to go for a max deadlift at some stage, that is always an eyepopping experience. Make the deadlift part of your gym routines, it is excellent for increasing overall strength and make a challenge for yourself. Share your results.

My Experience – This was achieved during a time where I was focusing on my strength training. It took around three months consistent training to get to this level. I found going further would require more dedicated training so personally I stopped pursuing at 2.4 times body weight. It was becoming a chore to constantly deadlift, it got rather boring. I probably will come back to it when I feel I need the challenge again.

Fun Fact – The world record for the deadlift is disputed but Hafthor Bjornsson (‘The Mountain’ of Game of Thrones fame) has lifted 501kg. It is disputed because he completed the lift out of competition, but it was sanctioned and refereed by a respected judge.

Elite Challenge – one rep max of over 3 times body weight

Alternate Test – 10,000kg deadlifting in one session

Fit Fifty Challenge – Deadlift twice your bodyweight for 3 repetitions

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