A Victim of Laziness

The longer we leave something the less likely we are to do it, until the task disappears or overwhelms.

The task and all its benefits can disappear if it was self motivated (intrinsic) one. The thing you really wanted to do when motivated and inspired is now gone. Think about that. All the good work laid to waste, what you have started has gone. It lies in the background another victim of laziness. Here is buried the hobbies, the dreams, the fitness and the ambitions of a motivated you. May they rest in peace.

The overwhelming doom that is associated with the deadline that is extrinsic, the work, the essay or the chore. Leaving it so long it becomes a stress, laziness effecting your mental health. Your everyday contentment overwhelmed by the stress of the deadline.

The solution cannot be as simple as – Just Do It (thanks Nike). The root of laziness is inherent to the human condition. We seek the comfort of doing the minimum to survive. We are not built to survive in constant stress and deadlines. It is not your fault, but it is your choice.

Conscious turning away from laziness could be a solution. The acceptance and recognition of procrastination as having a negative impact on who you want to be.

If you need a reminder to overcome laziness – here it is. Consider yourself reminded to continue what you’ve started, begin what you wanted and do what you need to, now.

Maybe it is as simple as – Just Do It.

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