5 ways to improve your mood right now

  1. Lucky You

Too often we take what we have for granted. We completely forget where we are and the times we live in. First, the odds of just existing are tiny, so well done you for winning the sperm race. You are a winner. Our complaints are so often trivial when it comes to the important stuff. Life, death and health were the struggles for most just a couple of generations ago, now it’s emails, arguments and materialism that dominate our psyche. How about you tell the world, wait no you shout to the world that you won’t be caught up in the bullshit, you are alive, and you are not wasting any more time in this funk. Let’s do this.

2. Grateful Message

Take a wander through your old photos, already a smile is coming across your face remembering the faces and the stories. Find a loved one and send them a message, maybe it could be someone you haven’t messaged in a while. Tell them how important they are too you, how grateful you are to have them in your life and how you saw this photo and relived that happy time. Do not do this for the reply do it for the giving. Smile as you write your message, feel the warmth that sending these heartfelt words brings.

3. Exercise

Whether you are angry, sad or hurt there is no greater cure than exercising. You can do it right now, wherever you are. If you are healthy enough to exercise that is another reason to be grateful. If you can walk and this is your fitness limit then get outside and just walk, breath the air and take in the sights and sounds. If you are fitter than this then do more, empty the tank. Empty the tank means push your body, go hard for 20/30 minutes. Burpees, mountain climbers, sprinting, squats, whatever you can do right now. If you are not sure, then go on YouTube and find a 20-minute exercise video. But you are too down to do this, you are tired. This is your laziness kicking in and you are not a lazy person, get your ass up and do it, now. No procrastination, no hesitation just move. You are thinking about reading on, don’t bother, you can read it later, it is not very good, exercise, now, your body and mind will thank you for it.

4. Dad Joke

Now you have exercised, you have exercised right? If you haven’t don’t put it off until later, do it now, I can wait. Now that you have exercised, sent gratefulness and assessed your luck you feel better already, no need for anything else. To put the icing on your happiness cake go get a piece of paper. Once you have the paper research jokes on the internet, write down and memorize the best worst ones, if that makes sense. Make sure you have a little practice saying them, get the punchline right. You will already be smiling just thinking of retelling them. Tomorrow when you meet someone, throw one of them into the conversation, it will lighten the mood, it will lighten your mood. Dad jokes are like little shots of silly that remind us that life is about happiness and not always the serious bullshit. Smiling is truly living, if you don’t laugh everyday what sort of life is that? Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon – great food, no atmosphere.

5. Music

Finally, now you’re are smiling from ear to ear with a sore belly from laughing so hard you can sing. If you are not quite out of your funk you may just get out of it with a song. For some the thought of singing when they are low is utterly distasteful. Try it. Put on some ‘happy clappy’ music full blast and just go for it. The first couple of songs may not work, but once Scissor Sisters comes on you are dancing around like Ferris Bueller. Go on try it, pump up the volume and let yourself go, sing and dance like no one is watching.

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