The Fit 50 – No.3 Run 10km Comfortably

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.3 Run 10km Comfortably

Running will set you free, it is the most basic human fitness trait, make it comfortable to run this distance.

Why comfortable? When you become fit enough to cover this distance it opens the world up to the running experience, you can use it to immerse in your local nature, feel the wind in your hair, clearing your mind, see the world and enjoying the feeling. You can use it when you travel, run around a city, forest or beach area, especially early in the morning. It is a joy and privilege you should try.

You can run this distance are for time or for experience. For time is as fast as you can, I train for this so my experience run is comfortable. In my opinion it is far more important that you enjoy the experience.  Hopefully running doesn’t hurt for you, if it does start much shorter and see can you walk/run shorter distances.

Walking can open the world in just the same way. So next time you travel, or you are just looking for something to do on a Saturday morning, throw on a pair of running shoes, get some steps in and be free.

My Experience – I distinctly remember running around London and Koh Tao (Thailand). They were both so different in temperature and feel but both were amazingly beautiful. London had the history and buildings with a bite in the air that would catch your throat whereas Koh Tao had the nature with palm trees, the sounds of animals and a stifling humidity. You get a sense of freedom with your fitness if you can do this.

Fun Fact –The Tailteann Games in Ireland was arguably the first evidence we have of running for fun around 4000 years ago. Held in honour of the Goddess Tailtiu it included many events one of which was long distance running.

Elite Challenge – Run 10km in under 40 minutes

Alternate Test – complete 10km during your next trip, walking or running

Fit Fifty Challenge – Completing 10km in under 50 minutes

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