The Fit 50 – No.12 1.5x body-weight squat for 3 reps

50 Fitness challenges to shake up your fitness journey.

How many can you do?

No.12 1.5x body-weight squat for 3 reps

Squat to get that booty – oh man I sound like an Instagram coach. Squatting one and a half times your body weight for 3 repetitions is the benchmark here. For some it will take a while to get to this point if you don’t squat already.

Beware of the DOMs, oh boy they will get you if you haven’t been squatting much already. My advice is to start slow, don’t kill the legs in the first few sessions.

The best way to get better at squatting is to do more squats, shock. If you have the technique down then slowly build, adding 5kg every time you are comfortable getting 5 sets of 6/8 reps. You will get there. Start out light, a weight you are very comfortable getting 8 reps in. You don’t want to hit a plateau too early.

Make sure you have the a squat rack set up so it is OK to fail, and you probably will fail at some stage in a journey to getting this weight. Failing probably means you get stuck at the bottom of the squat, if you have it set up correctly you should be able to bail from under it without the drawing the attention of the whole gym.

I think one and half times bodyweight is a fair standard of fitness. Other challenges you can try, bodyweight squat for 100 reps for time.  Lift an elephant (average weight is 5500kg, 12125bs) in whatever set and rep scheme you fancy.

My Experience – For me I became very reliant on a weightlifting belt and I think unless you want to compete in powerlifting it is better to not use one. Be strong as you without any equipment. I have lifted twice bodyweight with a belt, and it took me quite some time to get there.

Be prepared to get intimate with the barbell to get to this level if you are a beginner to squatting heavy. My bodyweight is 82kg (180lbs) therefore my 3-rep squat was at around 120kg (270lbs).

Fun Fact – the most weight squatted in a minute is 5035kg (11012lbs) by Joshua Spaeth USA

Elite Challenge – 2.5x bodyweight squat.

Alternate Test – Squat an elephant, just over 12000lbs, break it up however you want

Fit Fifty Challenge – 3 reps at 1.5x bodyweight

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